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Friday, November 14, 2014


Cardiff Poetry Experiment 

Doors open at 7pm, readings promptly at 7:30pm
Free admission, followed by drinks and discussion

Butetown History and Arts Centre
4 Dock Chambers, Stryd Bute, Cardiff Bay

Wanda O'Connor
Andrew Duncan
John Cage's FOUR6: performed by Eef Bonnet, Flow Maugran, Mary-Anne Roberts, Josh Robinson

FOUR⁶ is John Cage's sixth and last quartet, and one of the last of his Number Pieces, named after the number of performers. Scored for ‘any way of producing sounds (vocalization, singing, playing of an instrument or instruments, electronics, etc.)’, it instructs each player to choose twelve different sounds, with the result that each performance is a kind of world premi√®re. The piece is composed using flexible time brackets which instruct the performers as to the time intervals in which they are to play their twelve sounds. This enables the development of a sound world characterized by a great many sonic felicities—and by at least as many near misses or almosts.

Eef is a freelance screen and stage actor who recently moved to Cardiff (http://eefbonnet.net).

Flow Maugran is a Cardiff-based artist. She is primarily a trained percussionist/dancer/singer specialised in West African music (based on traditional Mande rhythms). She founded Teranga Percussion, a non-competitive hand drumming group based in Cardiff, in 2006. She performs, teaches and conducts hand drumming workshops for all. She is also a self-taught crafter/designer using various materials from pure wool to metal wire. She finds inspiration through her extensive past travels, imagination and life experience (http://www.terangapercussion.wix.com/teranga-percussion, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Go-with-the-Flow-Clothing/150156291707862).

Mary-Anne Roberts is best known as a storyteller and a carnival artist and revivalist. She leads the calypso string-band, Domestic Violins, and co-hosts Acoustic Tuesdays in South Riverside Community Centre on the first Tuesday of every month. She is half of the crwth and voice duo Bragod (http://www.bragod.com).

Josh Robinson is (among other things) a critical theorist, translator and poet, and since 2013 has worked as a lecturer in the School of English, Communication and Philosophy at Cardiff University. His first and so far only finished sequence of poems, Shift Report, was published by Arehouse in 2005.

Wanda O’Connor released ‘damascene road passaggio, selections’ (Above/Ground Press) in 2013, a project that explores Kafka’s intercourse with ghosts through epistolary fragments, and is currently writing a long poem series, work began during a residency at The Banff Centre for the Arts. She is pursuing a doctoral degree in poetry at Cardiff University and has contributed several articles, poems and reviews to publications such as Lemon Hound, Puritan Magazine and the Globe and Mail. She appears in the anthology ‘The Best Canadian Poetry 2014’ (Tightrope Books), released this month.

Andrew Duncan’s books of poetry include Cut Memories and False Commands, Sound Surface, Alien Skies, Pauper Estate, Switching and Main Exchange, Anxiety before Entering a Room, and Savage Survivals. He co-edits the magazine Angel Exhaust and has also published Origins of the Underground and The Council of Heresy, reflections on modern poetry.

Cardiff Poetry Experiment is supported by Cardiff University’s School of English, Communication and Philosophy.

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